• Arrive with a pass or with your class
  • Maintain a peaceful working environment
  • No food in the library spaces

When can I visit the library?

  • Before School – We are open every day school is in session at 7:30 am. 
  • During the school day – Get a pass from your classroom teacher. If you have a free period, arrive before the tardy bell.  We expect you to stay the whole period. All students must sign in at the circulation desk.  
  • Your English class! All of our English classes visit the library regularly.
  • After school – we are open until 3:45 pm, except for Early Out Mondays when we close at 1:30pm. 

Why visit the library?

  • Check out books – Books are loaned out for four weeks. Once a book has aged to lost, you must pay the replacement fee. If the book is found, you are only charged the late fee (5 cents per day). 
  • Print an assignment (we have a copier/printer for student use)
  • Research help – it is part of the librarian’s job and our mission to help students with research. Whether we are working specifically with your class or not, you can come in and ask for help.
  • Calm Coloring Corner  – Calm down and color on

Weeding Policy

We consider the following information about a book during the weeding process:

  • Physical condition
  • Low circulation
  • Outdated information
  • Number of copies
  • Outlived its usefulness and popularity

Collection Development Policy

We are fortunate at Central High School to have a budget to buy books each year. Every month there are new and exciting titles available to teens in the areas of young adult books, adult crossover books, information titles and graphic novels. We want our collection to reflect our students, their interests and their learning needs. Below is the criteria I use when purchasing new materials for our Maroon Library each year:

  • Popular fiction titles (highest checkouts)
  • Graphic novels (second highest checkouts)
  • Nonfiction books (high interest and curriculum aligned)
  • Specific areas of focus for the year based on weeding projects and library goals

Professional Resources I consult when purchasing items:

  • The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books
  • Booklist
  • Junior Library Guild
  • School Library Journal
  • VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates)