November is National Novel Writing Month. Why they picked November? I have no idea. November Novel Writing Month sounds better but I always wish it were in January. There are 31 days (not just 30) and the weather in most places in the US is really crappy. What better to do than write an amazing novel?

Well, it’s in November, a very hectic short month. So, let’s write. Join us in the Lower Library every Tuesday during 6th hour open lunch (sorry 9th and 10th graders). You can bring your lunch, check out a Chromebook from the library desk and WRITE! The best thing is we are all in this together, so we can share frustrations, share tidbits from our stories so far…this group can be whatever you make it.

Sign up at
Join our “class” Maroon Library, Access Code: TSCPQHOA

See you, November 1st!