Over the last few years I have been keeping track of my favorite books by year. I keep track of everything I read through Goodreads and when I really love a book, I add it to the Best of ____ year shelf. Choosing my favorite is like choosing a favorite child, so you will have to deal with a short list. Enjoy!

Fantasy Favorites

Young Adult Fantasy books are my favorite genre to read. Here were the highlights of 2015


Snow Like Ashes was just lovely. I liked the story and can’t wait to see where this series is headed.

Sarah Maas does it again. I love her Throne of Glass series and this book did not disappoint. I’ll probably just read everything she publishes!

New Author

Rosemund Hodge was a new author for me this year and I loved both of her books that are currently out (and a short story). Fantasy, romance; mythology and fairy tale elements make her books delightful! I’m also in love with the cover art.


Middle Grade reads

These are books in my high school collection but they would also work in a middle school collection.

BrownGirlThis book was beautifully written. Woodson conveys so much meaning and a wonderful story in carefully-selected words. This verse novel made me want to attempt to record my own stories from growing up too.

crossoverAnother great verse novel about twin boys who play basketball. You don’t have to love the sport to love this awesome book!

princessXAdventure, mystery and friendship and NO ROMANCE. Perfection.

YA Favorites

Boy21Matthew Quick, who writes for adults and young adults wowed me with this great novel about friendship between two guys, Finn and the mysterious Boy21.

GabiThis is a book that feels real. Gabi’s diary of her Senior year is filled with ups and downs. If you like audiobooks this would be a great way to experience the book.

Favorite Adult Reads

girlontrainThis book felt like a Hitchcock story to me and that is a compliment. Everyone was looking for the next Gone Girl book this year and this was at the top of my recommend list. Read it!

martianThis book was nothing short of amazing. I like Science Fiction books and this book did not disappoint. The action never stops and Mark’s dry wit never ceases to be funny in a terrifying situation. Do yourself a favor and just get it on audio book because it is magic!